Potomac Valley Art Gallery

The Potomac River Valley has a rich and diverse natural environment that starts beyond the remote Blue Ridge Mountains, runs through the healthy farms of the Piedmont, drops into the dramatic Great Falls and ends in the majestic Chesapeake Bay.

The Valley has an equally unique culture that started with its native inhabitants benefiting from its natural resources and mild climate. In its early development, the region drew people from around the world settling as farmers, millers, and merchants. Today, at the center of a burgeoning economy, the region continues to draw people from around the country and the world as it continues to evolve.

The Potomac Valley also has a unique history that has been at the center of some of our country's most significant events, all of which have shaped and influenced the people and culture of the region and the world beyond. Despite the speed and pace of modern life, much of the Potomac Valley sits as a quiet respite for us to observe and embrace.

An unusually large part of the Valley has been preserved to protect its unique, natural beauty, giving all of us easy access to its calm presence. For many years the special attributes of the Potomac Valley have provided great inspiration to a variety of artists who bring us there own special insights and talents in there form of Fine Art.

We hope you enjoy our gallery.