James LaRoe

Mr. LaRoe, a featured artist at the Potomac Valley Art Gallery, discovered his talent in fine arts at an early age studying at the historic Wallingford Art Center in Wallingford, Pennsylvania. Jim was under the guidance of Cyril Gardner, a founder of the Art Center and nationally known artist. Jim's natural talent was recognized at this early age, and he was encouraged to continue his development. Over time, Jim's artistic talents were not limited to paper or two-dimensional work. In his teens he was accepted as a summer craftsman at Colonial Williamsburg working with some of the finest craftsmen in the country, and additionally worked in the craft shops at Old Salem, North Carolina. This experience had a great influence on Jim by setting the highest standards possible for thoughtful creativity and the importance of executing fine details in his work.

Jim continued to pursue his artwork with a regular flow of studies and unpublished works as he focused on developing his own style. With the exception of occasional classes, Jim has been largely self-taught. With countless hours in his studio and plien air work, Jim has focused on what inspires him most and is now bringing his work to the online Potomac Valley Art Gallery.

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